Alex Lambert

Past projects


In December 2010, I co-founded Spindle. We built a compelling new hyperlocal discovery application that used the unique real-time signals provided by social media to expose the most exciting things happening near you.

In June 2013, Spindle was acquired by Twitter.


Waterhouse makes exchanging secure (cryptographically-protected) e-mail easy. Waterhouse integrates with social networking services like Facebook to automatically discover friends' cryptographic keys.

Waterhouse appeared as a work-in-progress paper at CHI 2009 in Boston. The paper has details and screenshots. You can also find it at the ACM Digital Library.


During the summer of 2006, I worked in the Security R&D group at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. I designed, wrote, and documented mod_authn_myproxy, an Apache module that authenticates users against the MyProxy credential management service. The module was released under an open-source license.

Recent talks

Date Event Title
2013-03-11 The Boston Amazon Web Services Meetup Group Otto: unifying application & platform management
2012-12-11 elasticsearch Boston Information retrieval with elasticsearch
2012-11-02 Boston Devops Otto: unifying application & platform management

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